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Corsair Hydro H110i GTX High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Sep 01,2015 0 Comments

ydro H110i GTX High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair Hydro H110i GTX High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler. With everything we have seen in Corsair’s H80i GT and H100i GTX recently, and its strong run to the top of our charts, it only made sense to go back to them and ask for the big dog of the pack. In the latest generation of Asetek coolers, Corsair is the first to jump on board and is delivering class leading performance at this time in the AIO game. While other coolers may soon release with a lot of the same major components, it is rare that we see them this dressed up and with what are some of the strongest fans available boxed with any cooler being sold today. This, along with their performance, has really left us with a smile on our face, and both of the previous samples have gone into full duty since being reviewed, they are just that good not to use them.

So, what does Corsair have left in the tank after the H100i dethroned the Water 3.0 Ultimate AIO with relative ease? Well, since we saw the fat-bodied single 120mm solution, and we also saw the thinner dual 120mm solution, what is left in the tank at the end of those two passes is a larger radiator solution with a 280mm radiator and a pair of very capable 140mm fans to cool it. The real question at this point comes down to just how much better can the Hydro Series coolers do in our testing, and with what seems to be very little wiggle room for improvement, Corsair has opened our eyes to the potential.

If you follow our reviews frequently, a lot of what you are about to see is a lot like what the H80i GT and H100i GTX showed in their reviews, but we guarantee while some of this may be a recap for most, take the time to view the charts and browse the conclusion as we have a lot of information to give and some really great results to show off in this review. While we already knew that Corsair is the new dominant performer in CPU cooling, we had no idea that they could take it to this level. It is almost a guarantee in fact, that by the time you are done reading here, and you have the room for it and the cash to cover it, you will be running right out and getting one of these bad boys for your own systems. It is just that impressive.

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