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Justin 2,000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank Mobile Battery

Feb 23,2015 0 Comments

Justin 2,000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank Mobile Battery

Justin 2,000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank Mobile Battery. Don’t be fooled by their simplistic website – Justin Power Products provide amazingly elegant, stylish and well-thought out portable power solutions.

I seriously can’t go far without a power bank these days. Whether you’re travelling on business, simply visiting clients, or out for a fun-filled day without a wall-socket available, you’ll find your phone running extremely low even with ‘general use’. Think about a public transport (train) trip into the CBD for example, this is some of the stress your phone will be under:

  • Spotify constantly pumping beats in the background
  • Mobile and 3G/4G reception constantly dropping in and out due to tunnels
  • Friends organizing where to meet over Facebook messenger
  • Checking your Facebook notifications
  • A quick scroll of Instagram updates
  • A refresh or two of your Twitter feed
  • Activation of your GPS when you get off the train to figure out where you’re going
  • You forget to close all the apps you’re not using

5pm rolls around and you hear the well-known ‘bloop bloop’ of your smartphone informing you that you only have 15% of battery storage remaining. Furious, you open up the control menu only to find that GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G and full screen brightness is still activated – never fear, the Justin Portable Slim is here! Whip it out of your pocket, plug it in and feed on the sweet, sweet glory that is 2,000 mAh of life-saving juice.

With the TYLT 5,000 mAh being my current potable option of choice, can the Justin 2,000mAh overtake this? Read on to find out.

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