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Sentey Shield GS-6090 Mid-Tower Chassis

Feb 19,2015 0 Comments

Sentey Shield GS-6090 Mid-Tower Chassis

Sentey Shield GS-6090 Mid-Tower Chassis. Despite the large amount of cases Sentey has developed over the years, in all of our time here, we have only seen two of their designs to date. It’s possible that they may not have liked our review style, or maybe the U.S. market just isn’t their targeted area. In all honesty, we can only guess why we haven’t seen more Sentey cases. Fortunately, Sentey sent us a third chassis to review not too long ago, and since the packaging shows this is an “Enthusiast Gaming Chassis,” we do have some high hopes for this latest submission.

From what we have seen, Sentey is not afraid to go outside of the box when it comes to styling, lighting, and overall aesthetics. Sentey has done everything from curving the chassis for an aerodynamic look to going completely boxed and aggressive with their designs. Today we will have an opportunity to see if Sentey is keeping up with, or even setting the curve in chassis trends. By the time we are done, we will have a defined image of what Sentey is doing in late 2014 and into 2015.

The chassis we are reviewing today is the Sentey Shield GS-6090, which is a mid-tower chassis with a couple of tricks up its sleeve. There is also a cousin to this chassis that offers a completely different aesthetic, but is built on the same main chassis components that can be found in the Seeker GS-6080; however, we will not be discussing that chassis today. Back to the chassis at hand, we may as well get right to it, and see what this aggressively styled mid-tower offers users, and just how well it stacks up to the mainstream competition.

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