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Plextor M6e Black Edition 128GB PCIe SSD

Feb 16,2015 0 Comments

Plextor M6e Black Edition 128GB PCIe SSD

Plextor M6e Black Edition 128GB PCIe SSD. After testing Plextor’s new M6e Black Edition 512GB and 256GB products, we’ve found that the excitement from this series wears off as we move down the product line. All three capacities read sequential data back at the same rate, 770 MB/s, and the sequential write performance trails off as the capacity shrinks. The 512GB writes sequential data at 625 MB/s, but that number drops to 580 MB/s on the 256GB model. The M6e Black Edition 128GB that we’re testing today sinks sequential write speeds to just 335 MB/s, which is lower than all of the premium SATA 6GB/s products on the market today.

Plextor is targeting gamers with the new PCIe 2.0 x2 M.2 interface SSD, but we have to question why a gamer would want such a small premium priced SSD in the first place. It’s not a secret that games have grown in recent years. Digital delivery systems such as Steam and Origin have unbound games from the limits of optical media. These days, it’s common for game patches to top 5GB, with full installations of some games taking over 40GB of storage capacity.

The only way for a modern gamer to survive with a 128GB SSD is to pair the drive with another storage solution to hold large game files. In my home, that means an iSCSI bond to a NAS over a high-speed Ethernet connection, with a cache SSD sitting in front of several mechanical disk drives. For most of us, a dual drive solution means a SSD for the operating system, and a mechanical HDD to hold game files as the D: drive.

We wonder if a premium priced PCIe SSD with only 128GB of capacity even makes sense when it fails to match the performance of a budget SSD on the market today, much less a SandForce-based drive released three years ago that you most likely already own.

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