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Cryorig H7 CPU Cooler

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Cryorig H7 CPU Cooler

Cryorig H7 CPU Cooler. When it comes to the typical air cooler, there are basic components that make a very big difference in the overall efficiency of a product. For instance, adding more fins to the stack, or even using thicker fins can boost efficiency quite a bit. There is usually an option to add more heat pipes, or you could figure out how to use larger ones in some way, or even a vapor chamber if you are so inclined. You could also increase performance by simply opting for a fan with more CFM and static pressure. But what if you are trying to build a lower profile tower CPU cooler that may be used in a HTPC, or any other environments where adding a louder fan just won’t do? Well, Cryorig found the answer to that question.

Recently, Cryorig delivered one of the most impressive designs that we have seen in some time, the Cryorig H7. We have been around long enough to see many of the tricks used to boost the design of a tower cooler, but we have never seen anything along the lines of what Cryorig is offering here. While Cryorig’s new cooler may look typical at first glance, under closer inspection, it’s apparent there is much more to the cooler than originally perceived.

Cryorig has done a few things to maximize the Cryorig H7’s efficiency. First and foremost, Cryorig has created Hive Fin technology, where the leading edges of the fins are bent into a honeycomb pattern. As the air flows through this section of the cooler, the design squeezes down in size, increasing air-flow as kinking a hose would do to water. Also, when it comes to the base of the H7, Cryorig opted for a copper plate. Additionally, Cryorig has arranged the pipes in what they call “Convex-Align,” where the pipe at the center is lower than the two outer pipes in order to help the pipes reach maximum efficiency. Not any fan would do here either, and Cryorig has supplied a relatively quiet solution that is designed to offer extra performance with its Quad Air Inlet system that offers channels to suck in more air than other fans of its size. All of these features work together to boost efficiency.

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