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Cooler Master Nepton 240M AIO CPU Cooler

Feb 13,2015 0 Comments

Cooler Master Nepton 240M AIO CPU Cooler

Cooler Master Nepton 240M AIO CPU Cooler. Neither Cooler Master, nor a sealed AIO should really need any introduction at this point in the cooling game, as both have been around for quite a while now. While Cooler Master typically sticks to the standard sealed AIO units, at one point they did strike a deal with Swiftech and carried one of Swiftech’s AIOs. However, Cooler Master has always stayed the course and kept developing the standard issue AIOs as well. It seems like everyone and their pet monkey is offering an AIO these days, and only a select few companies stand out, but what is it that makes those standouts what they are? It really comes down to features, hardware, and accessories that the base model AIO providers don’t seem to offer.

With most AIOs, you get some very simple hardware to mount the head unit, and over time, we have seen that some work much better than others. In the Nepton series, the provided hardware is top-notch, solid, and very capable of affording good pressure on the CPU. When it comes to the tubing, we have seen plain tubes, corrugated coverings, custom tubing, and even anti-kink coils, so there is a wide variety of options to look for there. However, when it comes to the radiators, most companies send along a simple set of screws, and the installation instructions require you to mount the fans directly to the radiator. Mounting the fans in this manner will cause vibrations to transfer into the radiator to be amplified, and also directly into the chassis. In our opinion, it is the little things that make all the difference in the world, and not only to performance, but to the user experience as well.

At this point, we have reviewed only one other version in the Nepton series from Cooler Master, the Nepton 280L. What we found in the Nepton 280L was a larger radiator using a dual 140mm fan configuration. The Nepton 280L performed very admirably, was easy to install, and looked rather good with the white LED logo lit up on the head unit. This leaves us with high hopes for the latest of the Nepton coolers to hit our lab, the Nepton 240M. While we do not expect the Nepton 240M to overtake its larger brother, with all the testing we have done, we feel we have a good handle on where it should land in our charts. From what we have already seen so far with this cooler, we feel Cooler Master is not only capable of keeping up with all of its cousins in the market, but also offers everything you need and then some.

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