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Swiftech H220-X All-In-One CPU Cooler

Nov 06,2014 0 Comments

Swiftech H220-X All-In-One CPU Cooler

Swiftech H220-X All-In-One CPU Cooler. For those of you, like us, that got to see all the hype surrounding the original H220 through its release, and even the few people in the U.S. that got to use and enjoy the H220, we found the hype was certainly worth the wait. In this design, we saw custom components used in an orientation similar to more generic AIOs we are all used to seeing and using by now. The big deal about the H220 was that not only did the kit come sealed, but it used a well-known pump, and allowed modifications, all while still keeping within the manufacturer’s warranty on the components as a kit.

That all came to an abrupt standstill once Asetek caught wind of their results designs. Of course, they were claiming that the design Swiftech used infringed upon their own design in the most basic terms. In particular, the design includes a head unit that offers both the cold plate/block with a pump built into it. We are not here to play judge and jury on past happenings; you can all draw your own conclusions as to how you feel about it, as information is widely available on the net. As to why we are here, it is because Swiftech figured out a way around things, and is able to deliver something very similar to the original concept, but this time more refined as well.

Today we will be taking a very close look Swiftech’s new H220-X, which is again a modular, sealed, AIO, but this time things had to be different. In this design, since the pump needed to be removed from the CPU, it left Swiftech room to play with designs, and the one that comes on the H220-X is no slouch when it comes to performance, as well as looks. In this design, and as the naming implies, the system is based on a dual 120mm radiator, and for those who want a bit more cooling capacity, they do offer a H240-X as well. This is where things change quite a bit though. Rather than using a standard radiator, this one took on a complete redesign that allowed for a brand new pump, and a windowed reservoir to become part of the radiator. Swiftech not only figured out a way to put themselves back in the AIO game with a superior offering, but the refinements and changes made here really raises the bar for everyone else.

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