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BitFenix Pandora Window Micro-ATX Slim-Tower Chassis

Nov 06,2014 0 Comments

BitFenix Pandora Window Micro-ATX Slim-Tower Chassis

BitFenix Pandora Window Micro-ATX Slim-Tower Chassis. Thinking back to our last run of cases from BitFenix, we must have played catch up that whole month, and it seems like we had ten cases at once. The reason we had such an abundance was to show off color combinations, window options, and even various versions of BitFenix’s very famous Prodigy chassis, some with new interiors, and others with new names and new exteriors. BitFenix has always been about offering up unusual designs aesthetically, trying new things in interior design, and they have been able to build their success without pillaging the wallets of their customers.

We have you here today because BitFenix has done it again. The exterior of this new chassis is something they have never tried, and I can only think of one other chassis that did something similar. Along with an all new exterior, they have also raised the level in material choices with large sections of brushed aluminum to help this new chassis fit into any environment, classy or otherwise. They have also opted to build this tower with a slim design, and being more of a midi-tower in concept, there is not a ton of interior space, so a complete reimagining of the layout was necessary. Soon we will see how all these changes and so many thoughts from outside of the norm come together in BitFenix’s latest release.

Since we are looking at the Pandora chassis from BitFenix, we should note there are four versions of this design. So, as you look around the internet, you will see both the Pandora, and Pandora Window, but you will also find both models listed as Pandora Core units. The major difference here is that the Core does not come with the customizable ICON display, but a little more on that bit later. Actually, we have likely already said too much, so let’s just dive right into the specifications so we can get one step closer to seeing what this Pandora Window chassis is all about.

In the chart BitFenix provides, we see that the Pandora is made of aluminum, steel, and some of it is plastic. There are two ways to get this chassis as well. One version has anodized black panels on the sides, and the rest of the chassis is also black. Or, you get the version we have, with the majority of the chassis still black, and the aluminum side panels that curve around the front that are left in their natural state. This design will only allow for Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX motherboards due to the fact that the chassis is 160mm wide, 420mm from front to back, and stands 465mm in height.

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