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Reeven Six Eyes II (RFC-02) Fan Controller

Nov 05,2014 0 Comments

Reeven Six Eyes II (RFC-02) Fan Controller

Reeven Six Eyes II (RFC-02) Fan Controller. With our recent introduction to Reeven, not only did we see some very nice coolers, but we were also sent their revised fan controller. We say “revised” only do to the fact that a couple of years ago, there was a previous version of this fan controller released. Sadly, we were not privy to any samples from Reeven then, and to be honest, they weren’t even on our radar at that point. After seeing their CPU coolers, we found that Reeven has an eye for detail in their products, and from what we have seen so far, performance is also on the minds of the designers at Reeven as well. Hopefully, what we have seen thus far encompasses all of their products, and the trend of quality continues as we take a close look at their latest version of their Six Eyes II fan controller.

While we did not see the original Six Eyes fan controller first hand, it is not hard to search for other reviews and gage what the product was all about. What we have found in our searching is that the original design pretty much carries over directly as far as aesthetics are concerned. There are still six channels, six LCD screens, thermal readings, fan speed readings, and even the option for a multi color display. All of the things that made the original so desirable are continued in the newest design. This isn’t to say that the entire product is just an old renamed product; we are just considering its outward appearance and basic feature set.

Today, as we look at the RFC-02, or to the rest of the world, the Reeven Six Eyes II, things may look very familiar, but under the hood is a completely different story. This time around, there is a more involved layout of components that allow for this latest sample to equal the better known rivals in fan controllers out there. While there is quite a bit to wrap your mind around with this fan controller from Reeven, if you do happen to be in the market for one, this Reeven Six Eyes II is worth a look, and it’s definitely worth your time to browse the rest of this review.

The specifications offered by Reeven for the Six Eyes II are pretty slim, but we are given some valid information. Since the original is the RFC-01, it only makes sense that the second Reeven Fan Controller be called the RFC-02. We see that they list dimensions for this controller at 148mm of width, 42mm of height, and 100mm deep, but all you really need to know here is that this is a 5.25″ bay fan controller that will fit any chassis that offers this bay.

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