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‘Titanfall’ to add new co-op game mode

Oct 23,2014 0 Comments

'Titanfall' to add new co-op game mode

‘Titanfall’ to add new co-op game mode. Respawn Entertainment will add a new co-operative mode to “Titanfall,” the developer announced live on Twitch earlier today.

With the new game mode, called Frontier Defense, four players will be able to take on waves of A.I. opponents, with new enemy types also being added to the game. Players will defend objectives in the mode, which will take place on all maps already available in the game. The update, which will be available tomorrow, will be free to all users.

After each wave, gamers will be able to place weapons on the map, similar to the horde mode in “Gears of War 3.” Enemies will progressively get more difficult with each successive wave, including their own titans battling gamers. The enemies will even have more capabilities compared to current game modes, with one enemy type now able to rodeo a gamer’s titan.

Respawn said the new game mode will be the game’s “biggest update” yet when it’s released.

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