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Samsung 845DC PRO 800GB Enterprise SSD

Oct 22,2014 0 Comments

Samsung 845DC PRO 800GB Enterprise SSD

Samsung 845DC PRO 800GB Enterprise SSD. Samsung has been aggressively pushing into the branded SSD market with their 3-bit MLC 845DC EVO and 2-bit 3D V-NAND 845DC PRO series. The SATA enterprise SSD market is expanding rapidly, and just crossed the one billion dollar mark last year. SSDs have nearly gone mainstream in the datacenter, and there is no shortage of applications for high-performance SSDs. The enterprise SSD market will only continue to expand as more server architectures are specifically designed around the increased performance provided by SSDs.

The two-pronged attack is unique in that it offers two new types of NAND. 3-bit MLC, or TLC as it is commonly known as, offers a value-conscious price point, and excellent performance for read-centric applications. The 845DC PRO series utilizes Samsung’s exclusive 3D V-NAND technology, covered in detail here, to offer premium performance and endurance for write-centric workloads.

The 845DC PRO features Samsung’s first generation 24-layer V-NAND. V-NAND is 3D NAND that achieves better density, performance, endurance, and power consumption, via vertical stacking of the NAND cells and CTF technology. This runs counter to the established norm of increasing density through NAND shrinks, and with good reason. Shrinks provide more density, but actually reduce endurance.

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