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Scythe Mugen Max SCMGD-1000 CPU Cooler

Oct 20,2014 0 Comments

Scythe Mugen Max SCMGD-1000 CPU Cooler

Scythe Mugen Max SCMGD-1000 CPU Cooler. Scythe has had a long standing relationship with TweakTown. It seems that ever since Chris took over the cooler reviews, Scythe has been right beside us, sending us many coolers over the years. In that time, we did get our hands-on two out of five versions of the original Mugen cooler that Scythe has had tons of success with. In this time, Scythe has made slight changes to the design with things like plating the copper bits, and changing the aesthetics of the top. In this latest version to hit the market, Scythe has even changed the fans to help bolster efficiency.

This being the fifth version of the Mugen tower cooler, Scythe should really have it perfected now. This newest Mugen features nickel-plating on the pipes and the base, and there is a new top plate on this cooler that also receives nickel-plating. This time, the nickel plating is less about its anti-oxidation quality, and more about the “bling,” and ease of cleaning. Scythe has also followed some other trends we have noticed in recent submissions from other manufacturers, while still being a top-tier, high-efficiency offering.

We will be covering every little detail of this cooler soon enough, but first let’s get through the formal introductions. Today we will be reviewing the latest cooler from Scythe to hit the market, the Mugen Max CPU cooler. You will soon see for yourself that Scythe proves they can successfully revamp an old design, and stretch more performance from the Mugen Series coolers. Scythe also proves they have a keen eye on the market, and can offer something more 2014, and less lipstick-on-an-old-renamed-pig like we have seen other companies do over the years. So, let’s just jump right in with both feet, and find out what the Scythe Mugen Max is all about.

At the top of the chart provided by Scythe, we see that this CPU cooler is in fact the Mugen Max, and carries the SCMGD-1000 model number. The chart notes that compatibility on the Intel side runs from LGA775 through LGA2011, and mentions square ILM, not to be confused with the rectangular ILM that most server style systems require. For AMD, it seems any socket following, and including AM2 is covered, but there is a note that installation requires the stock backplate. The mounting kit contains everything needed for Intel installations, and sans the backplate, on the top of the board, the full kit is provided for you as well. Depending on the AMD motherboard used, orientation can be an issue if you want it installed vertically.

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