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EK Supremacy EVO Clean CSQ CPU Water Block

Oct 10,2014 0 Comments

EK Supremacy EVO Clean CSQ CPU Water Block

EKWB is one of those companies that truly needs no introduction. If you are not aware of who they are, either you never pondered a water cooled PC, or the rock you live under is too thick for good Wi-Fi reception. From as far back as we can recall, EKWB has been one of those companies offering really desirable products. We have spent years looking at, being jealous of, drooling on our desk about, and in all ways appreciating what EKWB has been offering for years. We also like that EKWB does not sit on the same aging designs like certain companies that are no longer in the game. EKWB is always trying to stay as relevant to water cooling needs as possible, which is why they remain one of the top three names in water cooling products.

Quite a bit of time has passed since we last tested one of EKWB’s CPU water blocks; it was back on the older i7 2600K based system. From what we recall of our testing of that original Supremacy block, it was able to take over, and stay at the top of our charts for some time. Our avid readers know we have been finding more and more companies willing to send us water cooling products as of this past year. So, now not only does EKWB have Swiftech to go up against, but we also have a few other kits from European makers to give us a much better feel for what EKWB is delivering this time around.

The cooler you are about to see is one of EK’s latest and greatest CPU water blocks. It is indeed an “evolution” of the last block we saw from them, which is why it sports the name: Supremacy EVO. We were given the Clear CSQ copper/Plexi, which means it keeps the ring logo we have been seeing lately, but rather than sporting a matte finish, the clear top has been polished and the multitude of rings are removed from the top. It also means that we have an un-plated base, where it is left in its natural state.

There are many versions of this block, with various colors of Plexi tops. There are even full metal versions, and versions with solid black or white Acetal tops. So, even if the more vanilla version of the EKWB Supremacy EVO Clear CSQ copper/Plexi water block gets your attention, but you are looking for a bit more flavor, EK has you covered. Now let’s see what the EVO brings forth in CPU water blocks, and find out exactly what EKWB is doing with the Supremacy EVO.

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