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Reeven Ouranos RC-1401 CPU Cooler

Oct 07,2014 0 Comments

Reeven Ouranos RC-1401 CPU Cooler

Back in May of this year, a random email crossed the boss’ desk. It happened to be from Reeven, and they were looking into the possibility of TweakTown reviewing their “top quality CPU coolers.” Without any previous experience with Reeven, at this time we had not even seen the coolers, we promptly replied, and the wait began. After a couple of months of waiting, we again made contact to see if any progress had been made in sending us any samples. Since then, many other products have come and gone, but we still kept checking the inbox for some form of a delivery notice from Reeven.

Finally, after a few months of waiting, we received a package that was quite heavy. As it turned out, the heftiness of the box was due to the fact that Reeven sent along not just one cooler, but two. Reeven sent us both a single tower cooler, and a dual tower cooler, so we could get a feel for the full lineup that they are bringing forth.

With nothing to base any sort of expectations off of, all we have in the beginning of things is our initial impressions of the packaging. Here, we can say that Reeven does a great job with some unique packaging that highlights the cooler. Like any marketing should, it definitely made us want to tear open the box and see just how well this cooler would keep up with all of the more well-known brands and coolers already in our charts.

While we will get to the testing phase soon enough, we should first get a look at what Reeven is all about, and just what sort of a product they are offering in the Ouranos RC-1401 CPU cooler that we have for you now. We love it when a newer company steps up to the plate and attempts to take on the mighty titans of the industry. We like it even more when they perform admirably, and show that they are not just some fly by night operation, but rather one that is built from the ground up with intelligent people making good decisions. We all know that a newcomer to the market has some big shoes to fill, and if they can’t they will soon disappear, but from what we have gathered, Reeven will be around for a long time to come.

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