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Cougar 700M Black Edition Laser Gaming Mouse

Oct 03,2014 0 Comments

Cougar 700M Black Edition Laser Gaming Mouse

The Cougar name should be nothing new to us, as the company has been on the scene with power supplies, case fans, and even a few cases over the years. Another thing that Cougar is known for is their bold use of orange to accent most of their components, which makes them easily recognizable in a sea of other products. However, to be completely honest, we were unaware that they had entered the peripherals market, let alone the gaming peripherals market.

We are here today to get our first look at any Cougar peripherals, and it just so happens to be Cougar’s flagship entry to the market. Without giving too much away up front, this mouse we are about to see from Cougar packs quite a bit onto a compact package. Of course, it comes with awesome software, offers Macros and profiles, full RGB color options for the front facing LED, a unique shape, style, and layout. Also, from what we have seen, this mouse is built to last, and take on both palm grip and claw grip users with a few good tricks in the trunk.

Today we will be looking at the Cougar 700M Black Edition mouse, and as you will see, this mouse rivals mice as elite as those in the Level 10M series. The Cougar 700M has an aluminum frame and offers the buttons creatively placed in an atypical layout. Because of the layout, the 700M will take some time to get used to, but once you gain full control of what it offers, you will surely be impressed. Cougar sure set the bar extremely high for their first sample sent to us, and there is even more capability that we were unable to test still left in their bag of tricks. This is truly one of those designs that will do things that will make most users’ heads spin.

The provided chart is very thorough, and affords all of the information a knowledgeable buyer would want to know about the product prior to purchasing it. Of course, we already knew this is the Cougar 700M mouse, but we were given the Black Edition, and there is a sister mouse called the Silver Edition. The Silver Edition has an orange frame, where ours is left in the natural state. Both 700M mice are based on the Avago ADNS A9800 laser sensor for all of the sensing and tracking, with a DPUI range of 50 to 8200 DPI in 50 DPI increments of fine tuning.

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