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Thermaltake Urban T81 Full-Tower Chassis

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Thermaltake Urban T81 Full-Tower Chassis

Thermaltake has always been a bit adventurous when it comes to thinking outside of the box when designing products. They were the first to bring AIOs mainstream, long before the Asetek and CoolIT lifetime we all recognize today. Thermaltake was, and still is, very adventurous in their CPU air cooler designs, and when it comes to their cases, it is really tough to compete with Thermaltake. Over the years, Thermaltake has been known for over the top case designs like the Sword M, on through the Level 10, and Level 10GT. In the last year or two, Thermaltake has become a major player in the standard case market with all of the new features and modularity that their cases are now offering.

The Urban series as a whole has done very well for Thermaltake, and ushered in a bit of sleek elegance that Thermaltake was not really well known for over their many years of case designs, and based on all of the samples we see, we think this is currently a huge trend in cases. Most cases that are super sleek and elegant don’t typically offer the best compatibility, and many offer very little in the form of modularity in comparison to what Thermaltake is now bringing forth in this full-tower design.

While we are knowingly building some excitement and anticipation for what you are about to see, we feel that the Thermaltake Urban T81 is worth every bit of this attention. It is really rare that we get this excited so soon into a review. If our excitement alone does not tell you that Thermaltake is onto something really good in this latest sample, then by the time we are done covering what they have brought to the table, you will have to agree that while Thermaltake may have been ahead of their time in many aspects, time, effort, customer needs, and a great product have all lined up at once this time. The Urban T81 is very worthy of your time to have a look at.

With the Urban T81 we are given a SECC steel frame that is painted inside and out with an application of textured black paint. Of course, they use ABS plastic to cast sections like the feet, the front bezel and its door, and the top of the case, but here we get a mixture of textured surfaces to contrast shiny piano black sections in this design. This is a large full-tower chassis that measures almost twenty-four inches tall, is nearly as deep at twenty-three inches, and is slightly wider than nine inches. One major thing to consider in a chassis such as this is the weight, and this Urban T81 weighs in at over thirty pounds dry.

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