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LG G Flex Curved Screen Smartphone

Jul 11,2014 0 Comments

LG G Flex Curved Screen Smartphone

When I first began hearing about the LG G Flex, I was quite excited to see what the world of a curved display would bring to smartphones. The South Korean giant was the first on the market with a smartphone that featured a curved display, but that on its own can’t sell a smartphone in this market.

LG is quite the player right now, making the Nexus line of smartphones for Google, as well as its impressive G series of smartphones. The last LG smartphone I reviewed was the G2, something I awarded 90%. The G2 was a great smartphone, and still is, so I’m expecting a lot from the G Flex.

One thing you need to keep in mind with the G Flex, is that even with the word “Flex” in its name, it’s by no means a phone that magically flexes to and fro. I don’t understand LG’s thinking here, I would’ve preferred G Curve or something, as it would make more sense. Sure, it is flexible, but only by a tiny amount, and it is not something you would actually use in the real-world.

Anyway, let’s dive into the specifications of the G Flex.

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