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Intel Core i7 4790K (Devil’s Canyon) CPU

Jun 20,2014 0 Comments

Intel Core i7 4790K (Devil's Canyon) CPU

The Haswell refresh from Intel hasn’t gone off with a whole lot of fanfare and for good reason; refreshes tend not to grab a whole lot of attention. Saying that, though, we’ve seen the new Z97 chipset bring with it some awesome new motherboards from our favorite manufacturers. While the chipset itself brings very little new to the table, companies like GIGABYTE, MSI, ASRock and ASUS to name just a few have bought some great motherboards out.

A little before Computex we got a chance to check out the i7 4790 and found ourselves not getting all that impressed over what was on offer. Being a non-K series SKU meant that overclocking was pretty much not an option. Overall the only thing bought to the table was a slightly elevated clock speed. There wasn’t much to get excited about, though, as performance really didn’t change too much when compared to our beloved i7 4770k.

Today we’re getting a chance to look at the processor that was codenamed Devils Canyon. The i7 4790K is of course the popular K version of the newly released i7 4790 that we looked at previously. The K version brings with it the ability to adjust the CPU Multiplier alongside the BCLK which in turn brings with it the ability to achieve a much stronger overclock then the non-K versions of Intel CPUs.

There’s really not a whole lot to say about the new processor from Intel. Looking below you can see that the i7 4790K sits with 1150 LGA pin setup and carries with it only two main features that are being highlighted by Intel. The first is the new Thermal Interface Material which is designed to improve cooling. The other is additional capacitors to deliver a smoother power deliver.

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