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Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard

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Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard

Das Keyboard has been in the mechanical keyboard game as long as I have been aware of non-IBM solutions, and has always seemed to have an aura of prestige surrounding not only their products, but the company as a whole. This is due to their ability to deliver products that are solid, sturdy, and well thought out. Additionally, once you have your hands-on their products, you can see that there is much more time and effort put into the design than other companies are willing to devote. This allows Das Keyboard to set themselves away from the masses of other companies offering more mundane solutions with fancy lights and “gaming” features to compensate for their lack of style and grace.

We have had the pleasure of trying out Das Keyboard when we took a look at the Model S Professional keyboard some time ago. Even then we were impressed with what Das Keyboard brought to the table. It was just a shame we had to return that keyboard, as we really thought it would spend a few years under our fingers typing out these reviews. Ever since that keyboard was sent back, there have been thoughts of someday getting back to their keyboards, and enjoying what they have to offer someone who has went from a full time gamer, into someone who now spends much less time on the WASD keys, and much more time on all the other keys.

The time has finally arrived for Das Keyboard to seek us out for our opinion on one of the two latest keyboards to hit the market. Both designs are ninety-nine percent identical, and that one percent left is a major change in appearance. The keyboard we will be looking at today is the Das Keyboard 4 Professional, which features an all black appearance, and laser etched key caps with a new font. The second version of the Das Keyboard 4 is named the “Ultimate,” and this solution offers blanked out keycaps and black painting on the multimedia keys rather than the white used on the Professional.

Now that introductions are over, let’s get down to the cold, hard facts of why this Das Keyboard 4 Professional should be your next choice; especially for the typists out there.

Das Keyboard also provides a very thorough set of three “charts,” as we usually call them, but in reality these are listings of “Features,” “Information,” and “Even More Information,” as they are titled. The main product information listed in the first box covers six main inclusions to this design. These are built around either brown, or as in our sample, blue Cherry MX gold plated switches. It then goes on to mention the multimedia keys, and oversized volume knob. The keyboard is not only USB 3.0, but it also offers a pair of ports on the back for speedy 5 GB/s transfers, without having to reach for the PC.

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