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Watch Dogs for Xbox 360

Jun 02,2014 0 Comments

Watch Dogs for Xbox 360

Watch Dogs has finally arrived for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC from developer and publisher Ubisoft. The game has easily been among the most talked about and anticipated games since its reveal at E3 a couple of years ago, but the final product isn’t exactly what so many gamers were hoping for. The title doesn’t look nearly as nice as promotional trailers for the game showed before release, though that’s hardly a rare occurrence in the video game industry, but it also fails to deliver in a couple of other areas. It’s not an unfair comparison then to call Watch Dogs the next generation Fable, because it’s far from a bad game, and plenty of gamers will find nothing wrong with the game at all and will continue to have countless hours of fun with it long after launch. For the few issues that will let down players in Watch Dogs, the game presents numerous positives that includes an exciting open world to explore, plenty of fun hacks and multiple ways to attack the nice variety of missions included in the game. Watch Dogs may not be the game players were expecting, but it’s still well worth picking up and playing.

Watch Dogs immediately introduces players to the game’s protagonist Aiden Pearce. The star isn’t really hero material, but instead, he turns vigilante after witnessing the death of his niece and sister right before his eyes. Rather than becoming a broken shell of his former self, Aiden uses his vast knowledge of electronics, technology and hacks in order to get revenge. The storyline includes plenty of likable characters that Aiden will come across during the game that include a goth fellow hacker and a silent but interesting friend. The story is spread across many missions, and most players will take at least 10-20 hours to complete the game from start to finish. Watch Dogs features a strong storyline even in spite of a less than perfect protagonist.

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