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SilverStone ST30SF 300-Watt 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply

Feb 01,2014 0 Comments

SilverStone ST30SF 300-Watt 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply

SilverStone ST30SF 300-Watt 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply. For the longest time, the PC industry experienced a steady climb in the power requirements for anything beyond a generic office PC. Most of this was due to the requirements of the GPU. As GPUs evolved, they steadily became more powerful. When NVIDIA resurrected multi-GPU computing, there was an even larger spike in power needs, as multiple modern video cards hadn’t been seen before. Thus came the surge of the Kilowatt unit.

As time went on, more powerful cards became available, alongside motherboards and processors that required more and more energy. Triple and quad GPU systems pulled power well beyond 1000W, and power requirements were out of control. Eventually, something had to be done, and of course it was. Manufacturers all around began to reduce power requirements slowly, but surely.

Fast forward to now, and you find that there are a number of manufacturers that have done a fantastic job of reeling in the power requirements of their products, while increasing performance. Haswell, Tahiti, Hawaii, and more, are all doing more for less. As a result of all this, you now find that the Kilowatt unit is not needed nearly as much as it used to be. Power supplies in the 500W-700W range are more than enough for most, and if you’re looking at entry-level systems, you can get away with much less power.

This is why we’ve got the SilverStone ST30SF on our bench today. It is a 300W unit that is packed with the quality the SilverStone name implies, along with just enough power to get the job done for an entry-level system. It may not sound like much, but when you consider that some lower-end processors only require 35W, there is still a lot of room left over for other pieces. I’m sure it still sounds somewhat skeptical that a 300W unit can power a somewhat decent gaming PC, so let’s just start by looking at the specifications.

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