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Dino PC T-Rex 7990 System Review

Aug 14,2013 0 Comments

Dino PC T-Rex 7990 System Review

Certain products come to market in a big way and are known to the consumer world as the products of the future and this is very much the case with dual GPU based graphics cards like Nvidia’s GTX 690 and AMD’s 7990. Focusing on the Radeon HD 7990, a lot of system manufacturer’s including DinoPC were keen to snap up as much stock as they could and to create some award winning systems that would leave even the most hardcore gamers with their jaws on the floor, and that’s exactly what we have here today.

DinoPC have sent along a system incorporating the latest Intel Haswell architecture with a XFX Radeon HD 7990 at the heart of it. No matter what games you throw at this bad boy, you’ll definitely be able to crank up the settings and enjoy the show and with other high-end matching components accompanying it, the rig from the offset seems to be a winner, but of course this will all come down to the performance on hand, and whether this £2000 gaming system is worth the hefty price tag that some consumers are willing to pay.

Before we get into the performance side of things, we want to take a look at the full specifications of the system as it arrived with us. Once we have this underway, we can take a look at what DinoPC have to offer in terms of added extras and the little touches that a system integrator give you opposed to buying the parts and building it yourself. After that, we can focus on the main #point of why you’re reading this review, and that all comes down to the raw compute power across CPU, memory, SSD and graphic intensive benchmarks. We can also tinker with the overclock to see if any extra performance can be squeezed out of the system without compromising other key important areas like voltages and temperatures.

Known as the T-Rex 7990, the name certainly means business, and remember this can be customised further than this to cater for your own specific needs, if you require extra storage space, or different memory. The joy of buying a system from DinoPC is that everything is custom to exactly what the consumer wants, and tailored for you.

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