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ROCCAT LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Review

Apr 23,2013 0 Comments

ROCCAT LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Review

ROCCAT LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Review. It’s no secret that most of you reading these lines right now are either casual/hardcore gamers, enthusiasts or professionals so naturally because of that our main focus have always been performance gaming mice which thanks to their lightning fast laser/optical sensors, number of buttons and special shapes for improved grip can increase your effectiveness in both games and work. However there are also those who are mostly interested in getting an easy to use mouse without all the bells and whistles offered by the gaming variants and of course at a fraction of the price. ROCCAT is well aware of that and so aside their impressive KONE line of gaming mice they have just released the rather entry-level LUA Tri-Button gaming mouse which we’ve been testing for the past week.

ROCCAT is the snow storm to the gaming industry. Everything called gaming before needs to be redefined. You will enter a world in which three attributes will keep you on the right path: alliance, independence and truth. DO IT YOUR OWN WAY AND DON’T TALK SHIT – this is the statement ROCCAT follows. The ROCCATEERS can be found all over the world. And it was a revelation which led them together to energize the crucial benefit. The lake Inari long kept the secret our ROCCAT scientists call “Aimo”. With every ROCCAT tool you will more and more internalize its Energy. Become part of our alliance.

The ROCCAT LUA wears an 2000DPI Pro Optic (R2) Optical Sensor under the hood which can reach a maximum speed of 60ips with 20Gs of acceleration so if you’re an avid gamer and are looking to purchase a very good gaming mouse to play fast passed FPS titles then you will most likely be disappointed by the specifications of the LUA. Of course that’s really fine and expected since ROCCAT didn’t actually design it with serious gamers in mind, for those they have the KONE line which surpasses the LUA with ease in most aspects. What the KONE line doesn’t have however is an equally small size and an ambidextrous design and those two are perhaps the strong points of the LUA Tri-Button gaming mouse. So follow us to see exactly what the new LUA is all about and whether or not it stands a chance against the competition.

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