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Gears of War: Judgement Xbox 360 Review

Apr 21,2013 0 Comments

Gears of War: Judgement Xbox 360 Review

Gears of War: Judgement Xbox 360 Review. In this current generation of consoles there have been a few franchises that really stood tall. Gears of War is no doubt one of them, and one of the reasons the Xbox 360 has been such a success. As the generation ticked over, one of the world’s leading developers, Epic Games, took on the console and developed what many to consider the premiere third person shooter exclusively for the system. With three games out the door, Epic decided to step aside and let someone else have a crack – with Judgement we get People Can Fly’s first Gears game. The funny thing is that in many ways they have outdone Epic with some really original ideas coming to the fore that really mix up what can be repetitive gameplay.

The first major change is that this is actually a prequel to the Epic series of games. Picking up many years before that trilogy, you play as Baird and Cole, whilst trying to save a human colony from the locust threat, which has only just presented itself. Gears of War presented the game as a long term war already in progress, whilst Judgement takes us back to when the war began. The presentation of the story is via a court case where Baird is being asked to justify some of his actions during the war. And this case ties directly into the other main change of the series, declassification.

As you progress through the missions, you come across areas where you can declassify some testimony. This testimony will change the mission at hand, and in general make it more difficult. For example, it may mean you can only use certain types of weapons, or the entire area you are fighting is fogged in. What we really like about this feature is that it’s optional. If you are not confident of amping up the difficulty, you do not need to, and it also does this on a per mission structure.

We also think this adds to the replay value of the game. This is in our opinion the best game for replay value in the series, for numerous reasons. First of all is the declassified feature, but then also the structure of the missions. Most missions can be completed within 20 minutes and there is a lot of them. Instead of having long winding missions, PCF have gone a more arcade feel, and the game really brings this through to the player. It feels a lot more like a run and gun arcade style game than a serious game, but it’s the perfect antidote to what was making Gears of War a bit long in the tooth.

Aside from this, the tried and tested gameplay from Gears of War remains. In general you run from area to area taking down Locust whilst hiding behind cover, and either playing alone or with a bunch of friends in co-op. There really isn’t that much difference.

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