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TteSports MEKA G Unit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Apr 17,2013 0 Comments

TteSports MEKA G Unit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

TteSports MEKA G Unit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review. This week I’ve been spending my time on the MEKA G Unit, one of the latest gaming peripherals from the ever popular TteSports, the gaming branch of the PC component manufacturer Thermaltake.

Since Thermaltake launched the TteSports brand, they’ve both set about taking the eSports scene by storm, it’s not an easy scene got get into for any manufacturer either. Given that the gamers, pro gamers, LAN gamers and anyone else involved in the sport will be wanting the best tools for the trade, they want to look good, play good and win. If the products they’re using aren’t up to scratch then that is something that is going to reflect in their game and something that is going to reflect to the spectators, fans and consumers who are tied up in that scene.
Fortunately for TteSports, they’ve been doing rather well over the years and through sponsorship of teams such as Team Infused, not to mention having strong endorsements from some of the world’s top gamers on many of their gaming products. eSports isn’t like Formula 1, you may never get to drive the F1 teams Ferrari, but in eSports you can (for the most part) go pick up the same peripherals and systems that your favourite player does.

The one we are looking at today is a fully mechanical keyboard, which as you may know use a single mechanical switch under each key, opposed to the large rubber switch that normally covers all keys on a membrane keyboard. While this does have many benefits such as the keys lasting longer, improved tactile response and overall quality, it does comes with a come with a few draw backs such as an increase in cost and they’re often heavier (although weight isn’t exactly a pro or con). The price of the G Unit is around £100 at many online retailers and that’s not exactly cheap, but for a mechanical keyboard of this specification its on par with offerings from rival brands.

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