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Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil 6 starts off by plopping you into a training level where you play as Leon, one of the 8 playable characters. Once you have completed your training you are taken to the menu of the game where you can then choose the campaign you wish to play; these can either be played solo or through co-op. The individual campaigns are interconnected, and each one will take you about 5 to 6 hours on average to complete.

Each story featured in the game is intertwined with the others in one way or another, which gives the collaboration between the multiple characters and the world a greater sense of depth and purpose. The only issue that I had with this was that when the characters were collaborating together on certain events that required you to take down a boss, the final blow shifted to the characters you were playing, and that scenario made itself more important than the previous one. That being said, all of the characters still felt important and integral to one another and to the overall story, which obviously is not an easy thing to do.

RE6 introduces a new gameplay mechanic called skills; the skills are separated both in the single player, co-op and the multiplayer mercenaries mode. There are a few skills that can be used across all game types, but the majority are segregated. The points however are universal; this means if you like mercenaries mode, those points will carry over to single player and vice-versa. The limit of usable skills is three at a time, but the game gives you the option to change these up to 8 configurable settings. The downside is that you have to set this up before you play, or in between levels during single player and co-op.

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