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Kingston HyperX 10th Anniversary 2400MHz 16GB

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Kingston HyperX 10th Anniversary 2400MHz 16GB

Kingston HyperX 10th Anniversary 2400MHz 16GB. Kingston as a whole has been around a long time, but they created the HyperX brand when they realized there were people that wanted to push the limits of their system memory in order to increase performance. That was a long 10 years ago and the kit we have today is a special celebratory kit showing that 10 years has brought the HyperX line a long way. Let’s see what ten years has done and what improvement Kingston can offer from this experience.

Kingston has been a mainstay in the memory market for as long as we can remember building PC’s and that goes way back. They have been in the forefront of building modules especially in the value segment with their KVR, or Kingston Value Ram, for a very long time. Some time after Kingston noticed that with performance increasing and the ability to tune and tweak a system on the rise they had to offer memory to meet this growing crowd and with that HyperX brand was born. HyperX modules are screened and specially tested for the upper end and even mainstream performance user who simply cannot play at stock. This goes from the regular gamer to the high end benchmarker who dumps LN2 on everything and cranks the speeds to record breaking levels. With this very kit, Kingston is celebrating 10 years of giving performance enthusiasts what they need to make their system go.

As we have seen before, when you start getting to the higher memory frequencies a higher clockspeed on the CPU is needed to see the increase in performance, which is why these are considered “enthusiast” modules. The new Ivy Bridge platforms are simply so efficient and run so well that pushing a huge memory frequency nets marginal results. To see the full potential of these modules you really do have to overclock the CPU a bit to see them running without a bottleneck slowing them down.

The 16GB kit you see here retails at Newegg for $129.99 at the time of writing, which when compared to other 4x4GB 2400 kits is a bit of a value as the next best kit is found at $144.99 for a 2400MHz kit at 16GB capacity. Also being 16GB capacity means that this is a great kit for most gamers as we have seen an increase in memory usage in this generation of hardware as PC’s are used so much more for so many things that even just having lots of browser tabs open can eclipse 6GB of ram or more, especially with memory heavy programs like photoshop becoming more prevalent.

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