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CyberPower PR1500ELCDRTXL2U Professional Rackmount Series UPS Review

Apr 12,2013 0 Comments

CyberPower PR1500ELCDRTXL2U Professional Rackmount Series UPS Review

CyberPower PR1500ELCDRTXL2U Professional Rackmount Series UPS Review. I can’t really speak for all of you out there since i haven’t really spent that much time in other countries to have a valid opinion but where i live electricity is not very stable and so the first thing i always say whenever people ask me about what PSU (power supply unit) they should choose is to get a UPS first (uninterruptible power supply) to ensure that nothing ends up getting fried in their systems (especially if we are talking about expensive configurations). Granted many power supply units feature electrical protections that can successfully shield your systems from such unpleasant events but personally i think it’s far better to be safe than sorry so as we speak i have all my test rigs plugged into 4 UPS units (two 1000VA and two 1500VA). However much like everything else UPS devices also differ according to build quality and different levels of protection offered so in the market we one can find consumer oriented ones aimed for house use, advanced ones for the more demanding office use and finally professional ones designed mostly to withstand the demands of enterprise environments where you simply can’t afford not having the best there is. CyberPower is amongst the leading UPS manufacturers and today we will be taking a look at their latest professional Rackmount series UPS unit the 1500VA/1125W PR1500ELCDRTXL2U.

Undoubtedly, we are in a speedy technology age, various state-of-the-art and innovative products are booming to meet our demands all around the world. But no matter what flourishing our technology is, some resources we keep used are obviously rare, and unstable, like electricity. That is why reliable and high-quality power supplies are significant factors you should take care seriously. CyberPower is a leading provider of professional power management solutions. We provide reliable computer battery backup systems, power management applications, and series of computer accessories for desktop, workstation, and network equipment. Available through authorized distributors, VARs, retail, mail order and e-commerce resellers, CyberPower state-of-the-art UPS systems include advanced features in a compact, lightweight, easy-to-use system. Since CyberPower opened its office in the United States and Europe, the worldwide distribution of CyberPower products has grown significantly. Today, CyberPower boasts a complete line of emergency battery backup systems for all computer systems. CyberPower produces the most affordable line of dependable uninterruptible power systems and offers the most feature-rich intelligent battery backup power protection units on the market today. CyberPower continuously makes feature improvements to our UPS’s to bring maximum value to the customer, and lets CyberPower become a true “Global Leading UPS Provider”.

Some may quite naturally wonder as to what makes professional grade UPS units like the PR1500ELCDRTXL2U superior to normal ones and actually if we were to get into this the list is so long that these lines wouldn’t be enough. However if i had to specifically pick the top 6 features that i think make the PR1500ELCDRTXL2U quite unique it would be the well tested line-interactive topology (corrects minor power fluctuations without switching to battery), pure sinewave output (less than 3% total harmonic distortion when using the battery), automatic voltage regulator (automatically regulates low or high voltages to keep equipment working at safe AC power levels without switching to battery), green power UPSTM Technology (reduces UPS energy costs by up to 75%), hot swap battery pack (allows for easy replacement of the battery by the end user) and of course the multifunction 3″ LCD readout. Also worth noticing is that although most consumer oriented 1500VA UPS units in the market can handle loads up to 900W thanks to the professional grade components and advanced technologies used the PR1500ELCDRTXL2U can handle loads more efficiently resulting to a total of 1125W. So do all of these features and specifications translate into an amazing professional grade UPS unit? Well let’s find out.

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