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BenQ GW2750HM Monitor Review

Apr 10,2013 0 Comments

BenQ GW2750HM Monitor Review

BenQ GW2750HM Monitor Review. Today I’ll be taking a look at one of BenQ’s mid-range monitors for the home and office, the BenQ GW2750HM. While the monitor is LED powered and hence very thin, its big selling points is its VA (vertical alignment) panel, an alternative to both IPS and TN that sits somewhere in the middle of the two technologies. Let’s see how this 27″ 1080p monitor compares to others in its price range, as well as top of the line models elsewhere.

Before we can get into the real meat of the review it’s time to unpack. As you can see in the photograph, the box provided is quite standard for a monitor, made out of brown cardboard infused with the BenQ logo. While the box isn’t as fancy as the coloured glossy cardboard we typically see on smaller items, it costs less to produce and is less ecologically damaging. This makes it typical for larger items such as monitors.

Taking the monitor out of the box, we can see that the unit is in three pieces: the actual panel, the stand, and the base. These are readily assembled by inserting the stand into the panel, then tightening a screw. The same is done with the base into the stand. Once secured, we’re ready to start testing out this monitor.

Besides the monitor itself, there is only a power lead and a VGA cable in the box – no DVI or HDMI, presumably to save on costs, particularly in offices where these connectors exist already. There is also the standard arrangement of driver CD and printed manual.

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