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Eagle Tech Arion Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Mar 27,2013 0 Comments

Eagle Tech Arion Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Eagle Tech Arion Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review. Almost a week ago we spoke about the summer period and how it was just around the corner but we were actually a bit off and so while taking a stroll at the beach this morning to clear my head not only did i see many people there as well but most of them weren’t there to take a stroll like me (some obviously did) but actually swim and play volley and rackets while listening to music. To my surprise however most people used just the speakers from their smartphones to do that while only a couple did actually use wired portable speakers and not wireless ones. Things got even worse when i realized that i knew one of the people there so when i asked why he was using his iPhone to play to music without an extra speaker he wasn’t actually aware about the existence of Bluetooth portable speakers. Now i don’t know if this has to do with the job description people have (he happens to be a doctor) but portable Bluetooth speakers have been around for many years so that’s not an answer i would expect from anyone. Anyways that’s also a reason as to why we will be releasing our portable Bluetooth speaker related reviews a bit faster than we had initially planned and so today we present the latest arion portable bluetooth speaker by Eagle Tech.

Eagle Tech is a manufacturer of innovative and high quality audio products. We take pride in providing audio products that help people enjoy a better experience in the digital world by applying our expertise, technology, efficiency and outstanding craftsmanship. Eagle Tech started in 1993 with computer power supplies and accessories. We have over 17 years of experience in supplying high quality computer components to major OEM clients. Since those days we have expanded our product portfolio to include PC peripherals such as our award-winning portable external hard drives with luxurious design and build quality. In recent years, Eagle Tech has expanded beyond hardcore computer DIY market to bring innovative and high quality audio products to the general consumer.

Although I’ve known of Eagle Tech for the past 4 years i never had the chance to test their products since they are an USA based manufacturer with virtually no presence inside the EU (to date that is). Luckily things have now changed for the better and so the very first product we chose to test from their entire product line is the arion portable Bluetooth speaker (ET-AR101BP) featuring Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility, two 35mm drivers (3W each/2WRMS total) and a passive subwoofer for rich and crisp audio along with an built-in noise-cancelling microphone for hands-free calls and a rechargeable lithium ION battery that gives it up to 6 hours of autonomy. My only concern was with the audio clarity of the speaker since till that moment i wasn’t really familiar with products manufactured by Eagle Tech and so naturally i wasn’t sure of what to expect but during the one week of testing it became evident that i really had no reason to worry.

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