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AMD’s 35W Elite Performance ‘Richland’ APU Introduced

Mar 13,2013 0 Comments

AMD's 35W Elite Performance 'Richland' APU Introduced

AMD’s 35W Elite Performance ‘Richland’ APU Introduced. AMD’s ‘Richland’ platform is a largely incremental upgrade to the companies mobile APU processing platform; a moderate boost to CPU clock speeds and a collection of small power saving refinements built on existing architecture. On a less important level to the consumer, this launch also marks yet another change in AMDs marketing strategy. The ‘AMD Vision’ branding has been officially retired in favour of a more direct and meaningful approach. With the 35W mobile Richland APUs, AMD will begin rolling out the “Elite Performance APU Platform” and re-emphasizing “brand AMD.”

The four mobile APUs we’ll be introducing in this article represent the 35W mobile ‘Richland’ platform as it stands now. Throughout the rest of 2013, AMD has revealed it will release more power efficient 25W TDP and 17W TDP notebook processors as well. Coupled with Radeon HD 8000-series graphics cores, these A-series mobile APUs should serve as good insight into AMD’s anticipated refresh of the desktop APU family, too.

Architecturally speaking, ‘Richland’ is not much of a departure from what we witnessed with mobile ‘Trinity’. AMD has improved Turbo Core by refining on-die temperature sensing; enabling bi-directional frequency scaling of the GPU and CPU which share the same physical silicon core and squeezing out what efficiencies it can. Aside from that, there’s not much architecturally different going on.

In light of the pressure from always-on tablet devices, the company is putting emphasis on AMD ‘Start Now’ – a catch all name for wake times that are being whittled down to ~1 second from S3/S4 hibernation states. Memory support is not a whole lot different, though the flagship A10-5750M APU now supports faster DDR3-1866 memory. New software features leverage the Radeon HD 8000-series shader cores to provide first generation facial recognition and gestural control.

The four new mobile A-series APUs include the quad-core 3.5GHz A10-5750M and 3.1GHz A8-5550M, dual-core 3.5GHz A6-5350M and 3.3GHz A4-5150M processor.

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