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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

Feb 28,2013 0 Comments

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review. Assault Horizon is the first game in the Ace Combat series to take place in real-world locations and through many different eyes. The year is 2015; Lieutenant Colonel William Bishop is hot and heavy in a dogfight over Miami. The fighting is intense; after taking down wave after wave of enemy aircraft, Bishop is shot down. He has just enough time to eject, but he is almost hit by the enemy in a mid-air collision.

Bishop wakes up in a feverish sweat, realizing that the ordeal was just a nightmare. There’s a knock on the door, and he and his squadron are called to duty. While Bishop prepares for his sortie, you take the role of a gunner, a member of a multi-helicopter squadron. The mission, undertaken by a joint venture between NATO and Russian forces, is to put down rebel resistance in East Africa.

The helicopter squadrons manage to quell the rebel resistance of SRN fighters; unfortunately, NATO and the Russians underestimated SRN’s strength. A mysterious explosion brings down the entire squadron of helicopters, while decimating the entire town, leading to an escalation of tensions between NATO and Russian forces. The Russian General Ivan Stagleishov wishes to have more autonomous control over the situation, while NATO General Pierre La Pointe struggles to work with him to operate within the purview of the orders issued.

These tensions are not necessarily felt on the battlefield. Russian pilot Major Sergei Illich bonds quickly with Bishop, his American counterpart, and his wing man, Jose “Guts’ Gutierrez. The pilots take bets on who’s going to buy the first round of drinks, trash-talking one another as to who will come home empty-handed. During their next mission, they realize just how connected and well-funded the SRN really is.

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