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Cyberpower Fangbook: Extreme Gaming Gone Mobile

Feb 22,2013 0 Comments

Cyberpower Fangbook: Extreme Gaming Gone Mobile

Cyberpower Fangbook: Extreme Gaming Gone Mobile. Cyberpower is a premier high end system builder, with that they have some great options from mild to wild when it comes to system designs and options. Today we have the Fangbook X7-200 which is a new extreme gaming laptop built to make the days of being chained to a desk obsolete.

When defining specs for a system the first thing many do is look at what components are there and scrutinize anything but the very best. Well we are enthusiasts and that’s what we do, but in reality as we have shown before there are many mainstream parts that can do a great job for your everyday needs and even for gaming. That being said, this is no mainstream notebook we have today. The Cyberpower Fangbook X7-200 is a new extreme gaming notebook built for the direct purpose to remove the shackle holding you to your gaming desk and give you the freedom to take your gaming on the go without sacrificing visual settings.

Cyberpower is not taking this market lightly as they are very serious about doing this right the first time and after having the Fangbook for a while we can definitely agree the formula they have built is nothing short of amazing. The Fangbook launches with three available models, The Fangbook X7-100, X7-200 and X7-300 all of which are full customizable to match your exact needs. Respectively the MSRP for each is X7-100 ($1299), X7-200 ($1499) and X7-300 ($1799)

The difference between the models has to do with options from the start such as the 100 and 200 models utilize a GTX 675MX while the 300 has a GTX680M, also the 100 has a 750GB HDD while the 200 has a SSD and HDD same as the 300 and lastly the 300 comes equipped with a Blu-Ray drive where the 100/200 come with a DVD combo drive.

The model we received is the middle unit the X7-200 and the specs are as seen below.

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